noxcorpz said: Welcome back! Was wondering where you at.

Thanks! I’m not gonna forget my password again like an idiot.

asexualdaryldixon said: It's so nice to see a blog entirely dedicated to Oz, especially when there are so few on tumblr nowadays. I hope we can be good friends.

Oh, you know it! I consider you all my friends, haha.

I’m back! Got my password and am able to log in again! GIFs should be more common now.

So I’m trying to post a GIF set but I forgot my password and I am only logged into Internet Explorer and it’s not uploading the GIFs properly and OH MY GOD I HATE INTERNET EXPLORER WITH A FIREY BURNING PASSION.

Nothing like a naughty dream featuring Mr. O’Reily to get one back into the throes of an Oz obsession.

 photo ozyeah2_zpsaf7e3e06.jpg"Oz" is my favorite show of all time, and I thought I should share my obsession with the world via Tumblr. I'm named "ryan-oreily" because he is my favorite character, and you will see him (slightly) more than anyone else. I also like to pretend the show is still on. Just kidding. But seriously. ;)

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